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Red Rock Film Festival Returns

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Adam Mast

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Tue Nov 11th, 2008


Film enthusiasts will want to take note that The Red Rock Film Festival is back and bigger than ever. Formally the Zion Independent Film Festival, RRFF prides itself on showcasing features and shorts from all over the world.

The fest resides in Springdale UT, a charming little town nestled right outside the breathtaking Zion Canyon. It's only a two hour drive north of Las Vegas. It is this very same spot Robert Redford initially chose for the Sundance Film Festival over thirty years ago. Ultimately, that legendary movie showcase would make it's home in Park City making way for the eventual birth of The Red Rock Film Festival.

The Red Rock Film Festival runs Nov. 13th-16. While the bulk of the festivities will take place in Springdale, there will be a couple of RRFF events happening in St. George UT, the very same town that hosts Horror-Fest every October. A majority of the films will screen multiple times over the four day run, and many of the directors and cast members are expected to attend. Tickets are on sale now.

RRFF co-founder and Events Director Matt Marxteyn promises a wide range of films from all over the globe. He and his crew want to encourage serious movie fans and casual film goers to come on out and see what this young but quickly growing festival has to offer. He promises a little something for everyone. While Red Rock Film Festival isn't as huge–not yet anyway-- as Sundance, Toronto, or Telluride, it's still an outstanding place to catch an independent gem you might not be able to see anywhere else. It's simply a hell of a lot of fun and because the fest is so young, getting into screenings is a lot less hectic than it might be at other film festivals.

For more information on The Red Rock Film Festival, including ticket sales, package deals, scheduling, venues, parties, and extensive film descriptions, log on to redrockfilmfestival.com. In the meantime, here are some noteworthy titles playing the festival.

Red Cliff Cinemas–Nov. 13th–6:30 P.M.

This new film was a box office hit in Mexico and isn't slated to hit the states until spring 2009. The Red Rock Film Festival proudly presents the premiere of Sultans of the South. Programmer Matt Marxteyn calls this film an entertaining fusion of Ocean's 11 and The Godfather. Marxteyn goes on to explain that Sultans of the South is an action oriented piece with a mystery at it's center. It's fueled by clever dialogue and wonderful performances right across the board. Warner Brothers may just have a sleeper on their hands. Lucky Southern Utah residents will get their first peak at Sultans of the South on Nov. 13th when it plays the beautifully renovated Red Cliff Cinemas in St. George, UT.

Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theater–Nov. 15th–5:00 P.M.

Inspired by the famed play, Forever Plaid is a musical comedy revue brimming with witty, insightful banter revolving around the love of music, the trials of growing up, and "making one's mark". It's Happy Days meets The Full Monty meets Tony Bennett, and it all comes together through a lively assortment of swingin' retro tunes. This foot stomping premiere will take place at the spectacular Zion Canyon Giant Screen Theater. It will be followed by a Q & A with select members of the cast and crew.

Tarantula Cabaret–Nov. 14th–6:00 P.M.

The title says it all. In this documentary, film makers Darius Gray and Margaret Young explore the lives of several African American Mormons. Included; interviews with Martin Luther King III and Gladys Knight. Marxteyn says one of the most intriguing segments in the film features interviews with three black members during the 60's who are interviewed again in 2007. These men, all from different walks of life, discuss their journey in the church through five decades. A fascinating expose on race and religion.

Groovies at OC Tanner–Nov. 14th–3:30 P.M.

This ode to schizophrenic musician Wesley Willis follows the colorful character on tour. Known for his bizarre behavior, vast rock knowledge, similar sounding songs, and expert Casio Keyboard playing skills, Willis would go on to become an underground cult icon. He passed away in 2003. Joyrides is a tribute to this fascinating soul and his strangely catchy tunes.

OC Tanner Amphitheater–Nov. 15th–6:20 P.M.

Mark of Cain tells of the Iraq conflict from the point of view of two young men in the British Army. Marxteyn champions the film and admires the way it shows the true fear, horror, and uncertainty of war. Mark of Cain gets it's point across without the use of excessive violence, but director Marc Munden cautions that the film does contain unsettling subject matter.

These films are but the tip of the ice berg. Over the course of four days, The Red Rock Film Festival will showcase over fifty movies by various film makers from all around the world. Come on out, enjoy the sights and sounds of the breathtaking Zion Canyon, and take in a movie courtesy of RRFF. Again, for more information, log on to redrockfilmfestival.com or call (435)705-5555.

We hope to see you there!

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