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Bad Company (2002)

Bad Company
"Chris Rock proudly explains to Anthony Hopkins the advantages of his African Heritage."


Cris Rock
Anthony Hopkins

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Buena Vista

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Adam Mast



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You know you can expect bad things from a movie when the release date constantly changes. The aptly named Bad Company was slated for release last year and was presumably shelved because of the September 11 attacks in New York. I think there were other reasons as well. While this is by no means a disaster in the same way that Rollerball was, it still remains a dismal movie experience that you should avoid.

The usually dependable Anthony Hopkins is a CIA agent with a daunting task. He must transform a streetwise ticket scalper (played by Chris Rock) into a super spy within nine days so that he can help foil a terrorist attack. The "why" isn't important for it never adds up to anything short of dull. This is a big, disjointed mess of a movie.

Hopkins looks dreadfully bored here--he's just going through the motions. Meanwhile, Rock runs around spouting off really bad jokes. I think I laughed twice. Since this film has nothing going for it in the screenplay department, the chemistry between it's stars is the only thing that could possible save it. Alas, Rock and Hopkins have zero chemistry.

Bad Company was directed (I guess you could call it that) by Joel Schumacher, quite possibly one of the most overrated directors of our time. He practically destroyed the Batman franchise and seems to take great ideas and turn them to complete utter garbage (see 8mm). I don't want to come across as too harsh. I've liked a few of his movies (Cousins, Falling Down), but more often than not, I find myself amazed that he continues to get work.

Bad Company was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, and proves that this guy can be responsible for a bomb. I can't imagine what he was thinking about when he picked up this project? In fact, the climax of the picture is supposed to be an adrenaline pumper but it's lack of realism and timing keep it from sustaining any sort of tension.

If you must see a halfway decent spy thriller this summer, go to The Bourne Identity. Or do yourself a real favor and see Minority Report. I did myself a favor and went and saw it twice.

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Bad Period

Bad Period

Do you think there's ever been a time when someone as great as Tony Hopkins found himself trapped in a movie this bad, and just all of the sudden ran for it. Just went into hiding for a year? I would have.

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