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Gerry (2002)

Matt Damon points to what he believes to be the plot.


Matt Damon and Casey Affleck

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Adam Mast



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Oh boy, where do I begin with this one? Let me start by saying that Gerry is an extremely experimental film featuring a mostly improvised plot structure. Let me end by saying that this picture was one major bitch slap to the
audience. It was directed by Gus Van Sant (Drugstore Cowboy, Good Will Hunting) and stars Good Will Hunting participants Matt Damon and Casey Affleck as a couple of buddies who find themselves lost following a lengthy hike in the mountains. This is followed by one of the most painfully tedious series of events ever captured on film. One might argue that this is audacious film making. What a crock. Essentially, this movie is about two guys who get lost, and we experience their misery in real time. This isn't to say that Gerry doesn't have a couple of bright moments. There's a funny scene in which Affleck is stuck atop a high rock (who the hell knows how he got up there?) and can't figure out how to get down. The scene lasts far too long but the end result is...interesting. Actually, Affleck and Damon are
quite engaging particularly when they're talking (which is for about a combined ten minutes of the film's one hour and forty five minute running
time). But the long, boring tracking shots of these two buddies walking across the landscape are both dull and pointless. But then I guess being pointless is the point of this tedious film. Van Sant knows how to shoot gorgeous mountain vistas but this underdeveloped tale of friendship and survival is absolutely forgettable. I will, however, give minor props for it's eerie Twilight Zone-esque ending which, in a sick sort of way, kind of made me chuckle. This hardly makes up for the rest of the experience though.
The notion of actually getting lost is more appealing then the thought of ever having to sit through this movie again.

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Mark Wallings

Mark Wallings

I actually read quite a few positive review on this film, tothe point where I was really quite excited to see it. You were right it stunk up the theater - I like to think of it as Casey Affleck's Gigli - by the way how come you guys never reviewed Gigli. I was expecting a good laugh out of that?



Hi Mark,

I just saw your post. Not sure how long ago you put it up, but I still haven't seen Gigli. Actually, I'm quite curious about it. I can't believe it's as bad as everyone says it is. I'll view it and throw a review up shortly. Thanks for reading the site.



First off, I would like to warn those of you who have yet to see this movie. Just don't. The old saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" shines true when it comes to this bore-fest of a movie. The script in itself could not of been more than 5 pages long as each actor had maybe 10 lines each. There is no underlying message in this movie, other than "If you climb a big rock, remember how you got up there in the first place." All in all, this has to be the worst movie I have ever had the displeasure of viewing.

Laurie Loving

Laurie Loving

April 19, 2005

Dear Matt Damon,

I just watched "Gerry" and I am furious. I should tell you that I will be 50 in August, had a hysterectomy March 18th, and then last week my daughter-in-in miscarried their baby at 5 months. I have been grieving, but today I was advised to take at long look at anger. Your movie turned out to be the perfect forum for getting me going.

I admit I was a Girl Scout 35-40 years ago, but even without that training, I could skipped through that desert better than your two pathetic characters. It's hardly worth mentioning that they started off on a desert "wilderness" hike towards evening with just a sweatshirt. Can we spell "disaster"?

Here's what was running through my mind throughout the movie:

The initial landscape you were in was teeming with plant life. Where there is green, there is water. But never did we see you guys digging under any plants.

You waited until you were near death to cover your head and face. The other guy never used plant life to make any sort of sun hat.

Many desert plants are full of water, but did you rip any open? Noooooo. The aloe plant has nutritional, healing juice as well as lotion for skin moisturizer. Did you look for it? Not that we would know.

We never saw you take a bite of anything. The desert is full of lizards and snakes - set a trap for God's sake. Bugs work in a pinch too, if you are hungry enough.

You leave the area with plant life and head out into the desert sand. Can't find any shade with which to lie under? Boo hoo.

The jumping off the crow's nest could have been cut to one minute had Gerry laid on his belly on the rock and slowly slid down. Would have cut 7 feet (including his outstretched arms) from his "jump". Boring, dragged out scene.

Where was the HELP! arrow made out of something pointing in the direction you were going? Set a huge fire or DO SOMETHING besides wander around.

The movie jacket promised an adventure of endurance - we got two apparently clueless city boys. At least they didn't whine too much.

I suppose you would say I missed the point of the movie. I tried from the very beginning of the endless, silent car ride, to mediate, tap into my high power, find the characters. Zippo.

I love your movies, but this one was awful. Sorry and thanks for letting me release some anger at who ever or whatever took my first grandchild away for whatever reason I must come to accept. Such a short time we had him, but he will always be one of my grandkids. We are planting a baby rose bush in the yard on Saturday.

Blessings, Laurie Loving, Davis CA

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