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Little Secrets (2002)

Little Secrets
"I thought people in Utah were supposed to be meek, or whatever?"


Michael Angarano
Jan Gardner

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Columbia Tri-Star

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Adam Mast



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Few movies in recent memory have been as positively gentle as Little Secrets. As sappy as this film gets, it's pretty hard to ignore it's big heart.

The delightful Evan Rachel Wood is extremely likable as a sweet natured fourteen year old with aspirations of becoming a professional violinist. When she's not practicing, she's playing secret keeper to all the young kids in the neighborhood. Of course, this job is not as easy as it sounds, and that becomes painfully clear to Wood as the film progresses.

Shot mostly around Salt Lake City, Little Secrets has very little to object to. The screenplay is heavy handed at times, but the performances are so engaging that I was able to overlook that. Many of the jokes will no doubt appeal to Utah residents, but the themes of family and honesty will ring true to everyone.

As I already stated, Wood is terrific. She's smart but without being over the top. I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot more of her. In fact, she can currently be seen in Simone. Michael Angarano (Almost Famous) holds his own as Phillip, the young man who develops a crush on Wood. I also liked Jan Gardner as Wood's pregnant mother. I had a chance to chat with this lovely actress (she actually lives here in St. George) and I'm happy to report that she's making quite the name for herself.

It's obvious while watching Little Secrets that director Blair Treu and screenwriter Jessica Barondes drew from childhood experiences to bring this film to the screen, and that sense of innocence really shines through. I found the lack of cynicism in this picture to be quite refreshing.

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What was the violin concerto that was composed be Felix Mendelsohn??

The movies is great......



I just fall in love with Evan Rachel Wood I hope to meet her some day - if possible. Or at least talk to her or chat



The movie had something for everyone.I would definitly watch it again and again.



hi umm i watched the movie like 20 times and i loved it .It is a gr8 movie to inspire people and when i was watching the movie it got me thinking how this movie relates to me so i would give this movie 2 thumbs up

and i luv u david!!!!!!!!!!!!! (ur so0o hot)



hi this movie really caught my eyes, but there should be little secrets 2. In this movie there one little things in it that should change, in the end where david gallagher and evan wood kiss it should of been a little longer! Other than that it's pretty good.

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