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Major League 3: Back To The Minors (2002)

Major League 3: Back To The Minors
"The early buzz--not so good."


Scott Bakula
Corbin Bernsen
Bob Eucker

Released By:

Warner Bros

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Reviewed By:

Adam Mast



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The Major League franchise actually died with the second entry, but they've seen fit to make a third. Big mistake! Although, this installment is slightly better than the last, Major League 3 is short on laughs and even shorter on energy. T.V. actor Scott Bakula is hired to coach a minor league team and the hijinx begin when he makes a bet with a high school rival turned major league coach. It's all predictable stuff as he finds his minor league team playing a major league team--with big money at stake.

Returning are Corbin Bernsen, Bob Eucker, and a small group of regulars from the last two films. None of them are very inspiring. Without originality and spark, you've got two strikes against you--especially when your dealing with a comedy.

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