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Scratch (2002)

They aint no mathin the mastas of scrathin.


A bunch of really cool DJ's

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Magic Lamp Distribution Services and Palm Pictures

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Reviewed By:

Adam Mast



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This entertaining documentary delves into the world of DJs and the art of scratching. I must confess, that I have never really been a fan, nor have I ever really considered this an art form. Following this screening, I had a new found respect for this spectacular style of music. I came away with a much greater understanding for the time, effort, and all-out precision that these musicians put into this original sound. Love this genre or hate it, this is an entertaining film for everyone. Kudos to film maker Doug Pray who was also responsible for another
immensely entertaining documentary, Hype (it's subject was the Seattle music scene.

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Old Scratch

Old Scratch

I've heard a lot about this movie but have been unable to find it period can you help?

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