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"Fall Be Kind E.P." by Animal Collective (2010)

"Fall Be Kind E.P." by Animal Collective
Be Kind 2 Animals


Animal Collective


Fall Be Kind E.P.

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Kyle England

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Mon Jan 25th, 2010



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The perfect 2009 bookend to go with their perfect early January 2009 release Merriweather Post Pavilion, Fall Be Kind is a five track continuation mini album for the New York trio that pieces together three unreleased tracks from the Merriweather Post Pavilion sessions and two brand new songs.

The first track on Fall Be Kind, "Graze," is one of those songs that is so incredibly good you wonder why they left it off the full-length to begin with. A hushed two minute intro gives way to a kick ass flute solo built around heavy electronics that has an amazing rhythm to it that only a band like this that is on top of their game could have concocted. "What Would I Want? Sky" is the infamous track here that has the first ever cleared sample from a Grateful Dead song. Animal Collective use bits of "Unbroken Chain" off of the Dead's From the Mars Hotel album to great effect here and word is that even Phil Lesh is a major fan of the track. While Fall Be Kind is a very short set, this is yet another Animal Collective E.P. that stands up strong on its very own.

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