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"Bicycle" by Bicycle (1999)

"Bicycle" by Bicycle





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Kevin Jones



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Just when you thought the Seattle-thing was about played out, and the Gotham of Grunge was going to go back to being famous for rainfall--along comes four fellows on a Bicycle. In the last issue I slapped down four and a half stars for Moby's album--and deservedly so; he took two different kinds of music that I'm not particularly fond of and created a hybrid that's undeniably brilliant. On the other hand, Bicycle has taken several different kinds of music that I already love, ran it through their spokes, and spun out the best album so far this year.

More consistently entertaining than Moby, Wilco, Fountains Of Wayne, Tom Waits, and yes, The Flaming Lips (which, by the way, would make a nice shopping list). The boys on the Bike, take you on a refreshing tour, touching upon just about every important reference point in the pop/rock book (from Lennon and Dylan to Beck and the Beastie Boys).

Hooks? Big shiny stainless steel ones that could haul in a Blue Whale. With imagination to burn, Bicycle spans an even greater variety of style than last years offerings by Barenaked Ladies and Cake. Quirky enough to be fun, but not to the point that you don't take them seriously. It's like they fed a bunch of data into a computer and it told them exactly what we needed to hear. It may take you a few spins to realize that everything I'm telling you is true, then again, when you're riding a bike, it takes a little longer, and requires a little more effort.

Note: this may be an album you'll have to special order--I'm not even certain of it's release date. But, by accessing their website at www.daisydunes.com you can learn about the band and order the CD. Believe me, this is the album that should be ushering you into the next millennium.

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