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"Enema Of The State" by Blink 182 (1999)

"Enema Of The State" by Blink 182


Blink 182


Enema Of The State

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Kevin Jones



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First of all, if you're going to name your album Enema Of The State, and put "Nurse Naughty" on the cover--you'd better be ready to back it up with some kick-ass jamming. Otherwise, you're going to be leaving yourself wide open for a bit of unpleasant probing from the critics. Sphinc 182, the list goes on . . . Judging from the few times I'd seen the sour power trio live, I was all set to pull on a glove myself. Fortunately for everyone concerned, the Blinks are able to chew the chunk they've chosen.

Much like full-court basketball, Blink 182 is a young mans sport and I doubt they'll ever amass much of a female following. The catch line in the albums opening track is "I need a girl that I can train." At first it seemed a tad misogynistic, at the very least, sexist--but once you get a better understanding of where it's coming from--you see that it's nothing more than sourgrapes from post-adolescent bepimpled punks who've been dumped one too many times. A concept guys of all ages can relate to.

I'm sure the thrashcore, speedmetal purists view Blink 182 as candy-ass poseurs, and they're right. And I'm right not to care--I prefer my music with melody and cool guitar hooks, and an occasional change in dynamics. It's a fun album, Travis Barker is a phenomenal drummer, Tom Delounge is no slouch on guitar, and Mark Hoppus has a great voice. They make reasonably clever music that's about an equal marriage of speedmetal, Green Day, and the Cars. They don't take themselves as seriously as Green Day, and they rock a lot harder. What's not to like? If I were a 17 year old kid again, driving around with the top down, I'd have the shit cranked.

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I'm from Argentina and it's safe to say that English is a second language for me - but I know enough to get that you guys wesite is the coolest.



I love BLink 182. They're so cool!

Blink 182! :Please let me be in your band, I could play the cow bell

micah house

micah house

hey i think enema of the state is pretty dang kool so i just wanted to tell u that.i like adams song the best but send me a message latter bye micah

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