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"Keep It Like A Secret" by Built To Spill (1999)

"Keep It Like A Secret" by Built To Spill


Built To Spill


Keep It Like A Secret

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Kevin Jones



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Though this album was released a few months back, it is just now getting its fair share of attention. In fact, at last glance it was atop the college radio charts. Since 1992, BTS have released five full-length records and though Keep It Like A Secret isn't their best work, it's getting them the national airplay and recognition they deserve.

They crank out a big multi-guitar maelstrom of sound that serves as an unusual backdrop for singer Doug Martsch's high-pitched vocal meanderings. Their sound bears a striking resemblance to Tripping Daisy, and if this doesn't help--imagine Jane's Addiction crossed with Weezer. My favorite song is called "You Were Right," which selects lines from a number of classic songs and plugs them in like--"you were right, you're just another brick in the wall," etc. I'm not doing it justice, but it's a cool song.

The album's most glaring weakness is it's lack of diversity--there is far too much same-ishness from one song to the next. If you've heard the first three songs, you've heard the whole album. Nevertheless, this is a worthy effort by three guys that are built to rock.

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