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"Reflections" by Chet Atkins & Doc Watson (1999)

"Reflections" by Chet Atkins & Doc Watson


Chet Atkins & Doc Watson



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Robert Shupe



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Acoustic music lovers are in for a treat. This album is straight-up, down home, madman-picking bluegrass. If you could drink this album it would taste like moonshine without a chaser! (But Atkins & Watson keep it sophisticated enough to say this album is "shaken not stirred.")

Right off, Atkins throws a barrage of flat-picking that even seasoned pros would marvel at. The duo keep this album friendly and feeling like you are right there with them. They talk to each other throughout the record, joking around while playing riffs so intense that most guitarists would have to hold their breath to complete them. These guys hold conversations and trade improvisational lyrics like they're shoveling dirt, not finger-picking a D7th diminished chord with a triple hammer, or while keeping a seriously intense rhythm. This album also has a wonderful comedic side. Doc Watson, who incidentally has been blind since birth, jokes around about not being able to read the lyrics.

These guys are truly accomplished musicians who can speed it up on songs like "Dill Pickle Rag" and "Don't Monkey" "Round My Widder" and then slow it down and keep it sweet with "Good Night Waltz." Pick this one up--you won't be disappointed.

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