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"Euphoria Morning" by Chris Cornell (1999)

"Euphoria Morning" by Chris Cornell


Chris Cornell


Euphoria Morning

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Josie Boyden



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We already know that ex-Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell is a vehement whiner, but with this latest cathartic release we feel it from the tops of our heads to the holes in our tube socks. He dabbles with some down-home gospel vibes as well as some melancholy melodies and still nicely showcases his vocal style. He's been working with those crazy Europeans from the band Eleven, and I must say they give the album some substance. For those of you that enjoyed Temple Of The Dog, this is sometimes reminiscient of that moodier, less-rock-infused phase.

I liken this album to stew: it isn't soup (mostly water with a few rehydrated veggies if you're lucky) and it isn't a pot roast dinner (so much meat and potatoes you've gained 4 pounds by the time you're finished), it's somewhere in between (you could eat more, but you're pretty satisfied and saving room for chocolate cake).

If you're a true Cornell fan, don't be deceived--this one won't walk on water; however, you can still rely on him for substantial aurual gratification.

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