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"Live At Luther College" by Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds (1999)

"Live At Luther College" by Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds


Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds


Live At Luther College

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Robert Shupe



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This CD is an absolutely must for fans! An absolute must for any acoustic guitar afficionado, or for those of us who have neglected to see Mr. Matthews live.

Dave Matthews and his old friend Tim Reynolds deliver a strong performance with practically no back-up at all. When I picked up this disc I was unfamiliar with Tim Reynolds. After one listen to this incredible collaboration, I ordered two other Reynolds CDs. Reynolds holds this entire record together with amazingly technical solos while maintaining a somewhat improvisational sound throughout the album. Matthews once again proves that he has what it takes to span a decade--musical talent.

Definitely check this CD out! You will be pleasantly surprised with how well these two sound without Dave's world class band backing them up. They perform familiar songs from previous DMB albums as well as a few I'm sure you'll have never heard before. It'll give you a better appreciation of what Matthews is capable of. One plus one adds up to a lot more than two with Dave and Tim playing, which might be bad Math--but it's sure good Matthews.

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