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"Europop" by Eiffel 65 (1999)

"Europop" by Eiffel 65


Eiffel 65



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Robert Shupe



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I would personally like to dub this album, "The First Dance Album of the Millenium." You have probably already heard the first radio single, Blue (da ba dee). Blue has been in pretty heavy rotation, and I would imagine most of us would reluctantly admit our hips have also received a bit of rotation from the insanely captivating beat of this song. Although this is not the kind of music I usually listen to, I am not ashamed to relay to the world that every time this song comes on the radio I am compelled to change the station. But then the beat comes on and I suddenly lose motor control of my body and am forced to violently jerk back and forth in a rhythmic motion that if performed by someone more agile, might be described as dancing. Dancing? Yes friends, this music made me--your overfed, uncoordinated record critic dance. So, if you like a little bit of club sound in your collection, check this one out. Europop is consistently danceable and yes, every song will either please you or haunt you by staying in your head with a bit of heavy rotation. This record is like a good night with a bottle of tequila, it is fun for the first little bit, too much is impossible to sleep off.

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