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"The Seldom Seen Kid" by Elbow (2008)

"The Seldom Seen Kid" by Elbow
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The Seldom Seen Kid

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Kyle England

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Sun May 4th, 2008



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For someone like me who loves the Brit-Rock, I have to say that these last few years have been pretty under whelming when it comes to new music from across the pond. The Kooks? You can have them. Travis and South don't interest me anymore either. It seems that Radiohead right now are kind of that great (pale) white hope that keeps my interest in that scene afloat. Well, them and Elbow. If you haven't done yourself the pleasure of introducing yourself to this great band from Manchester, this is the perfect place to start.

The Seldom Seen Kid might just be Elbow's most consistent record yet and that's truly saying something since their last three records weren't slouches either. Guy Garvey still sounds like a Peter Gabriel doppelganger, but damn if that voice doesn't just send a chill up your spine when he hits those higher octaves on tracks like the moody "The Bones of You." First single "Grounds For Divorce" might finally be the track that breaks them into the mainstream U.S. market. It's Blues-style rock and fuzzed out production is just different enough from their other work that it just might me the cure to public indifference towards them. My personal favorite on the album though is "The Fix," a duet with one of the British singer-songwriters I hold most near and dear Mr. Richard Hawley. That absolute delight just might go down as my favorite song of the year. With each new album Elbow just keep on building upon what makes them great without being derivative and The Seldom Seen Kid deserves everyone's undivided attention.

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