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"The Screen Behind the Mirror" by Enigma (2000)

"The Screen Behind the Mirror" by Enigma




The Screen Behind the Mirror

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Robert Shupe



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Enigma has not progressed a whole lot in their music. The Screen Behind the Mirror is exactly what you expect. This disc is dark, transient and hypnotic. Initially it's a little more abrupt with quick beats and a heavy orchestral sound. Then it transmogrifies into the anticipated--subdued sounds and seductive whisperings of Elisabeth Houghton, Sandra Cretu and Ruth-Ann. Undoubtedly you will enjoy this if you are a fan of Enigma's almost cathedral like sound. If you are anticipating something new and groundbreaking, look elsewhere. This release is genuinely beautiful, but you feel as if you have already heard it before. The Screen Behind the Mirror casts a reflection of past releases and offers nothing new.

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