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"The Incredible Sounds of Drum n Bass mixed by Goldie" by Goldie (2000)

"The Incredible Sounds of Drum n Bass mixed by Goldie" by Goldie




The Incredible Sounds of Drum n Bass mixed by Goldie

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Josie Boyden



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Goldie is one name most people immediately associate with jungle or drum'n'Bass simply because his first release Timeless is exactly that, and it was one of the first releases in the genre. Goldie does electronic like Ellington did jazz: smooth, professional, and personal. His last release was compared to Pink Floyd's The Wall in scope and level of introspection on the part of the artist, so if you were hoping for another mind-blowing catharsis from the man with the gold teeth, you may be disappointed. However, that isn't to say that this release can't stand on its own because believe me, it can. drum'n'Bass is bizarre in that it can have a strong, driving beat at a high tempo, but is so well mixed that it leaves you feeling relaxed and ready for a margarita, or maybe I've already had one too many; in any case this is a great album. It's a nice follow up to his last release and a good start for anyone on the jungle path.

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Rok On Goldie man you wonderful mutha -

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