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"Avenue B" by Iggy Pop (1999)

"Avenue B" by Iggy Pop


Iggy Pop


Avenue B

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Kelly Patch



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Judging by the way he looks, you'd think Iggy Pop came back from the dead to record this album. And after 30 years in the business, Iggy proves that he's not quite finished yet.

Avenue B is not a typical Iggy record. He's traded in the great riffs and screeching vocals of old, for mellow acoustic hooks and some very personal lyrics. Although his most famous and popular stuff is behind him, this new offering has a few toe-tappers that will put a smile on your face ("Shakin' All Over" is just fantastic).

The only thing that prevents me from upping the grade are the tracks with his spoken word poetry. Other than that, this album is pretty damn good.

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