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"Righteous Love" by Joan Osborne (2000)

"Righteous Love" by Joan Osborne


Joan Osborne


Righteous Love

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Adam Mast



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It's been over five years since Joan Osborne released her debut hit album Relish. With the single "What if God Was One of Us," she was catapulted to stardom. I actually thought that Relish was highly overrated, and didn't even think Osborne was all that talented. A couple years later, I caught her live at Lilith Fair and she stole the show with her swanky, stage persona, so I guess I owe the girl an apology. She can definitely sing.

Now she returns with Righteous Love, a funky, smooth sounding record that is far superior to the pretentious pop that made up Relish. Osborne glides through numbers like "Running out of Time" and "Safety in Numbers" and I would have never bothered to listen to this record if I hadn't caught her live. I'm sure glad I did because Righteous Love is a treasure.

It could be argued that Osborne's voice resembles Bonnie Raitt's, but I think she's a bit more sultry. Raitt is more country while Osborne goes for more of a funk sound.

1999 was such a disappointing year for woman in rock, but the year 2000 is looking up for the divas. Joan Osborne joins Madonna and Aimee Mann with some of the best music of the year.

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