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"The Man In Black" by Johnny Cash (1999)

"The Man In Black" by Johnny Cash


Johnny Cash


The Man In Black

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Jeremy Harmon



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Simply Awesome! This 30 song anthology of Cash's career, spanning from Sun Records to The Highwaymen, is a must for any serious music fan (unless of course you already own most of Johnny's albums).

The compilation opens with the legendary 1968 live cut Folsom Prison Blues, recorded at the institution of the same name, and is incredible from there on. High points include the original Sun version of "I Walk The Line" (most fans are familiar with the later reverb drenched vocal, rather than this bare bones take) and his duet with Bob Dylan on "Girl From The North Country," from Dylan's album Nashville Skyline.

I would strongly encourage anyone--whether you like country music or not--to pick this one up. Johnny Cash has influenced everyone from Elvis to R.E.M. and it's no mystery why. In my opinion, if a person calls himself a music fan but doesn't recognize the importance of Johnny Cash, then that person is to a music fan what an etch-a-sketch is to art.

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