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"Get Lucky" by Mark Knopfler (2009)

"Get Lucky" by Mark Knopfler
Sound Advise indeed.


Mark Knopfler


Get Lucky

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Warner Bros

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Kyle England

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Mon Oct 5th, 2009



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Can you believe it's been almost 15 years since Mark Knopfler put the kibosh on Dire Straits? Since then, Knopfler has released a steady stream of solo albums every couple of years and none have been better than the critically beloved Sailing to Philadelphia or his album of duets with Emmylou Harris titled All the Roadrunning. There have been a few middle of the road releases for Knopfler as well and Get Lucky for the most part tends to fall into that category.

Though it isn't terrible by any means, Get Lucky feels like an album that Knopfler knocked out in his sleep. Those anticipating past toe-tappers such "Money For Nothing" or "Romeo and Juliet" may well be put off by the records hushed vocals, subdued guitar and heavy Celtic influence. But the more time spent with it, the more you realize that Get Lucky is a pleasantly easy listen from a master who no longer has anything to prove and hence rarely caters to anyone but his own Irish muse. He marches to his own drum, even when its heartbeat is faint, strange and distant. The few true Rock moments such as "You Can't Beat the House" and "Cleaning My Gun" have more in common with someone like J.J. Cale than his former band, but it's good to see Mark let loose the reigns and blow some carbon off the plugs. Get Lucky is certainly geared for Knopfler's more hard-core fans and won't go down as one of his essential recordings be it with Dire Straits or otherwise, but it's still wonderful to hear from the Sultan who seems to be Swinging strong and well after all these years.

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