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"Michael Hutchence" by Michael Hutchence (2000)

"Michael Hutchence" by Michael Hutchence


Michael Hutchence


Michael Hutchence

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Jared Haley



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As the lead singer of Inxs, Michael Hutchence enjoyed a pretty prosperous career. In the 80's, Kick was a huge sucess, leading the energetic Hutchence to star status. A few years back, Inxs released the highly underated Elegantly Wasted, an album that, unfortunately would be their last. Hutchence died unexpectedly shortly after touring in support of that album.

It turns out that Hutchence had been hard at work on a solo album since 1995, and with the help of some friends, it was finally finished.

With this self titled album, Hutchence's vocals remain as strong and enthusiastic as ever. It's his songwriting skills that have slipped a bit. Much of the album is sprinkled with a techno flavor, but for the most part, this is not a major departure.

Undoubtably, the best track on the album is the final one. Slide Away is a terrific radio friendly tune that features vocals from U2's Bono. Other notable tracks include Breathe, and Let Me Show You.

Altough this solo effort is'nt quite as good as some of the Inxs records, it's still a great momento from a terrific performer who's no longer with us.

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He IS just one of the greatest vocalists ever born. He is still alive.One who understand the rhythum of his songs, will be able to feel him.He IS alive. He just DISPPEARED for a timming.




absolutely amazin guy. great song writer n singer.and a major hottie.will b always missed. inxs can never b replaced especially not with that new TV singer they got

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