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"Under the Influences" by Mike Ness (1999)

"Under the Influences" by Mike Ness


Mike Ness


Under the Influences

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Robert Shupe



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Fire up your hot-rod, swing those fuzzy dice and get ready for some good ol' rock n' roll. Mike Ness lays down the law with this record. You might be wondering how Ness released a record so quickly after his last one. He didn't write this one. This record is a collection of Ness' favorite songs all performed by the man in ink. Under the Influence is a tribute to some of rock n' roll's most influential songwriters. Ness covers Hank Williams Sr., Marty Robbins, Carl Perkins and more. And to finish it all off, he even throws in a honky tonk version of his "Ball and Chain." If you are familiar with Ness and his band Social Distortion I don't have to tell you that they are the epitome of rock n' roll. If you are not familiar you should take the time to check Social D out. They are true punk rock legends. Ness has attitude and that is what it takes to be a bad boy rock n' roll.

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