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"Songs" by Moby (2000)

"Songs" by Moby





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Kevin Jones



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Songs is more or less a greatest hits collection from the techno auteur Moby, but compared to his revolutionary '99 release Play, it pales. Like Play, Songs contains a wide array of styles, and again Moby has wisely divided the record into parts that contain similar songs--rather than scattershooting them arbitrarily. This is the albums greatest saving grace. There are 16 tracks on Songs and he's arranged them so you can skip to the type of stuff you like. The middle section contains mostly dance/house grooves and if this is what tosses your salad, thatÕs the part of the album that you'll want to stick to.

The first and last third of the album contains the music that makes me a big Moby fan. A huge treat for me are two songs co-written and sung by the inimitable Mimi Goese (pr. Gaycee). Her old band Hugo Largo was one of the most interesting acts of the late 80s--a band comprised of two bass players a cellist and Goese's haunting vocals. Hugo Largo were championed by Michael Stipe as his favorite band and he appeared on their two albums. Thanks go to Moby for bringing Mimi out of hiding. The better part of Songs features the kind of lovely, minimal, trancey stuff akin to the second half of Play. I know this is confusing, but Moby is nothing if not confusing.

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