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"Come On Die Young" by Mogwai (1999)

"Come On Die Young" by Mogwai




Come On Die Young

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Josie Boyden



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Mogwai is a truly experimental band with integrity and vision. They excel in the same type of moody post-rock noise as Tortoise. But, Mogwai have a sound all their own. This is the third full length release from the Scottish trio, and I don't know if it can get any better than this. C.O.D.Y. is much more melancholy than Young Team, but no less intriguing. "...If the stars had a sound, they would sound like this..." If thrown on at the right time, this band is capable of inducing an altered state of consciousness, so if you listen to it while driving, beware. But if you are a serious music connoisseur, you already know almost any band can do that. This is an amazing piece of work, Mogwai can blend the melody of their guitars and piano with almost any noise and make it sound like they belong together, like it would be unnatural to hear them alone. The music is very sparse and even spacey at times, but that doesn't detract from the cohesion of each individual track, or from the album as a whole. It is best listened to at a very high volume, and better in a small, enclosed space so you can hear every nuance and feel the sub-bass reverberations in the cartilage of your deteriorating joints. If none of this appeals to your undeniable sense of adventure, you should most definitely leave it alone. However, if you are even slightly intrigued and are ready to take a giant leap from the banks of convention into the abyss of experimentation, C.O.D.Y is a good star. It is a little more accessible than some of it's wackier contemporaries. Heavy drum beats, driving guitars, pianos and flying saucers...what more could you possibly want?

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