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"Rated R" by Queens of the Stone Age (2000)

"Rated R" by Queens of the Stone Age


Queens of the Stone Age


Rated R

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Kevin Jones



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These guys rock pretty hard and they do it all over the place. It's almost impossible to pigeon-hole Queens into any category--they don't fit in to any genre very comfortably--all I know is they make music that I like. They play an array of crunchy power-chord stuff that breaks away into flights of fancy that alight with refreshing and unpredictable grace. The best description would be a cross between early Travis, Catherine Wheel and Black Sabbath. They also toy around with progressive-rock territory that blends psychodelica with Gentle Giant. Each song takes you into different sonic territory, that while hauntingly familiar is impossible to put your finger on. Guest spots include Rob Halford of Judas Priest and Mark Lanegan late of the Screaming Trees. Whatever this is, it's better than 90 percent of what passes for metal these days.

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