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"Spend a Night in the Box" by Reverend Horton Heat (2000)

"Spend a Night in the Box" by Reverend Horton Heat


Reverend Horton Heat


Spend a Night in the Box

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Wayne Kerr



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When the good Reverend first assaulted the airwaves he was a bonafide shoot-out-the-lights Freak-a-Billy nutjob and we loved it. On Spend A Night In The Box he's toned down the insanity to more of a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy sort of Swing-Lounge approach, and the result is every bit as entertaining.

Heat may have lost a bit of his fire and zeal, but his songwriting is better than ever and his guitar playing still has the wicked urgency of his previous outings. Songs like "Sue Jack Daniels," sum up the fun with lyrics like: "I'm gonna sue Jack Daniels for hitting me/ with the trunk of a big ole live oak tree/ He hurt me this morning with the bright sunlight/ I'm gonna sue Jack Daniels for what he did to my face last night."

The album's major weakness is its lack of variety--it's all a hard-partying rockabilly rave-up that is sure to please anybody who enjoys good old straight-ahead honkytonk rock and roll.

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