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"Sing When Your Winning" by Robbie Williams (2000)

"Sing When Your Winning" by Robbie Williams


Robbie Williams


Sing When Your Winning

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Adam Mast



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Often dismissed as a British version of N-Sync or Backstreet Boys, Robbie Williams is usually not taken all that serious by the critics. After all, he was once part of Brit sensations Take That. That's a shame because I thought his debut The Ego Has Landed was immensely entertaining.

His new release Sing When You're Winning is an equally fresh slice of infectious Brit pop in which Williams trades in Oasis style tunes for a funkier more eclectic approach. The album has been fueled, of course, by the controversial video for the first single "Rock DJ" in which a distraught Williams dances naked, and flings chunks of his flesh at a group of woman who don't seem to notice him. The song is wildly energetic but has nothing on the albums best track "Kids," a peppy duet with Kyle Minogue in which Williams spouts; "I'm an honorary Sean Connery...press be asking do I care for sodomy...I don't know, yeah, probably!" The album is full of moments like this making it a breezy, yet catchy listen.

Sing When You're Winning really works because of Robbie Williams' energy and undeniable charm. This is one nutty guy, but he's got a great set of chops and a skewed sense of humor, and his latest record is certainly worth a listen.

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Hello Robbie Williams,

I love sing when you are winning and I Know all

the words to it.It is great having your music.

have nice afternoon Sara

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