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"Mountain Battles" by The Breeders (2008)

"Mountain Battles" by The Breeders


The Breeders


Mountain Battles

Released By:

4ad Records

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Reviewed By:

Kyle England

Reviewed On:

Thu May 8th, 2008



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The fact that it only took six years for The Breeders to make their fourth record is astounding considering it took them nearly a decade to finish their third. Mountain Battles is that fourth record and twin sisters Kim and Kelley Deal (the former being the legendarily revered bass player and part time lead vocalist for The Pixies) have made an album that is fine in spurts, yet mostly frustrating on the whole.

The most aggravating aspect about Mountain Battles by far is that it feels almost like an album full of demos and unfinished tracks. Songs like the opening "Overglazed" and "Bang On" go nowhere fast with their repetitive lyrics and musically almost all of Mountain Battles is way too simplistic and ragged for its own good. There's a fine line between avante gard eccentricity and laziness and Mountain Battles more often than not sounds like a barrelful of the latter. Tracks like "Walk It Off" and "Regalame Esta Noche" are fun little Pop gems that make you remember that this was once the band that was capable of creating something as perfect as their mega-hit "Cannonball" back in the early 90's, but more often than not Mountain Battles feels like a band just struggling to come up with ideas to make listeners care, much less themselves.

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