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"After The Party" by The Push Stars (1999)

"After The Party" by The Push Stars


The Push Stars


After The Party

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Kevin Jones



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I couldn''t quite bring myself to give this one a 4, even though right now it would easily make my top ten list for the year. Then again, it's been a remarkably weak year and at the risk of completely compromising my credibility, I'm ashamed to confess that I kind of like that Cher song.

Judging by all the 50's kitsch-deco artwork on the cover and liner notes, you'd imagine these Push Stars cats would make some sort of swingish retro-lounge-lizard kind of music--not even close. After The Party, the Push Stars' third release, is an extremely accessible collection of good old American modern pop. They borrow the most from Counting Crows, but draw on influences as diverse as Collective Soul and Beck/Sublime. Much like Barenaked Ladies or Cake, the Push Stars are chameleons--they wear a number of different party-hats and all of them felt pretty comfortable pulled down over my ears.
The slow ballads and mid-tempo tunes are the albums strength and if it weren't for one too many uptempo Hootie-like tunes, I would have given it a 4. You know what, screw it, I'm giving it a 4. I'll go back and change it later.

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