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"Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb" by Tripping Daisy (2000)

"Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb" by Tripping Daisy


Tripping Daisy


Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb

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Kevin Jones



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We make it a point in our album reviews to occasionally reach back and call your attention to a record that may have slipped by without the attention it deserved. I'd planned to do this for Tripping Daisy's first album Elastic Firecracker, but happily they've just released their follow up to Firecracker, Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb, so I can kill two birds with one blast.

Firecracker, came and went without making much noise. It's first single, "I Got a Girl," is a delightfully demented ode to love, that's video featured a tongue-in-cheek gurney ride through a morgue. Although Firecracker was a quirky trip through the fun house, compared to their new release it's like a Firecracker to an Atom Bomb. (Metaphors don't get much easier than this.) With a different drummer and an added guitarist, Atom Bomb delivers some serious flower power and places the Daisy's among the year's very best.

Many of the songs on Atom Bomb, rock with the same kind of raw visceral intensity as Jane's Addiction, to whom they bear the strongest similarity. But the Daisy's are a good bit more diverse--always keeping you off balance with sudden changes in dynamics and tempo--and they're a lot easier on the ear.

Atom Bomb is still quirky, but this is due more to Tim DeLaughter's sometimes childlike vocal style, than it is the music. Besides they're quirky in a good Weezer kind of way, and they make good solid accessible alternative pop, in the tradition of the Pixies and Foo Fighters. It's a fun record, it'll cheer you up if your having a crummy day, and can make a little drive in your car seem like a party.

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