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"World Coming Down" by Type O Negative (1999)

"World Coming Down" by Type O Negative


Type O Negative


World Coming Down

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Robert Shupe



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Dark, heavy, melodic and depressing. What did you expect from an album with songs named "12 Black Rainbows" and "Everything Dies?" But, this album is not only for the seriously depressed. If you are a music afficionado looking for fairly intricate musings of the dense and dismal, do not overlook this release. It's not as depressing as a Bauhaus album and not nearly as catchy as Type O's first two albums--it lands somewhere in the middle of gothic mediocrity.

If you are already familiar with this band, don't expect this to sound like October Rust or Bloody Kisses. The days of lyrics about sexual worship and eternal autumns have been replaced with songs about self loathing, loved-ones dying, and drug addictions. In fact, at some points these lyrics were so downright pathetic I almost had to laugh. Then I decided to just be thankful that I'm not trapped in their nightmarish world. But, Type O Negative are "true" musicians and should be respected for not giving-in to the mass media hype and making catchy tunes to sell to the radio market. It is obvious that they make music for themselves and for their fans, an almost unheard-of tradition today.

So if you aren't looking for radio pop for your aerobic workout or music to set the mood at your next party (unless of course, it's a Halloween party), give World Coming Down a chance.

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james bruton

james bruton

its the shit.

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