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"It’s Blitz!" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (2009)

"It’s Blitz!" by Yeah Yeah Yeahs
"Yea Yea Yea Yellow! Whew that felt good, excuse me."


Yeah Yeah Yeahs


It’s Blitz!

Released By:

Interscope Records

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Reviewed By:

Kyle England

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Mon Apr 6th, 2009



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After the difficulty that went into making the Yeah Yeah Yeahs troubled 2006 sophomore record Show Your Bones, Karen O, Nick Zinner and Brian Chase just about called it a day. Karen resigned from the New York scenester life for the sunny skies of L.A. leaving the boys to wonder what, if anything, would ever come of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs again. Well it looks like some time apart and some new scenery did wonders because the YYY's long awaited follow up It's Blitz! should be the album that should finally put them over the top into superstar status the way that the new Kings of Leon album finally did for them, because every track on It's Blitz! screams massive radio hit. It also helps that It's Blitz is easily their most cohesive and well put together album thus far.

First single "Zero" is the proof in the pudding that Karen and the boys are out to make something completely different from their past work and following track "Heads Will Roll" solidifies it. It's Blitz! is a straight up Pop album destined to be the hot dance floor ticket of the summer and there are some older fans of the YYY's I could see resenting this album. Those people need to get over it because It's Blitz! is so much more than fluff once you've digested it multiple times. The softer songs like "Soft Shock" and "Skeletons" are almost like No Doubt songs but with sharp razor like teeth. But don't be completely put off older fans; tracks such "Dull Life" and "Shame and Fortune" have that Zinner and Chase backbeat you so desperately crave. But call me a sucker if you will, I really enjoy this new direction that the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have fully embraced. The song near the tail end called "Hysteric" is my favorite and that's a track they definitely couldn't have crafted five years ago during their rougher-edged days. Not only is It's Biitz! a giant step forward for this three piece, but it'll easily go down as one of the most solid and remembered albums of 2009.

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