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"Microcastle" by Deerhunter (2008)

"Microcastle" by Deerhunter





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Kyle England

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Mon Dec 15th, 2008



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Veering almost completely away from the Krautrock meets My Bloody Valentine guitar squall sound of their 2007 album Cryptograms, lead man Bradford Cox and his band Deerhunter have crafted their new album, Mircrocastle, surprisingly around straight-forward three to four minute direct Rock tunes with plenty of melody but never once does it lose any of its edge.

Tracks such as "Nothing Ever Happened" and "Neither Of Us, Uncertainly" are very reminiscent of some of Sonic Youth's more recent work that is more structured and less grating and other Microcastle tracks such as "Agoraphobia" and "Never Stops" almost feels like a mixture of mellower Velvet Underground meets the less chaotic work of a band like Spirtualized. Beautiful, yet complex in its sound structures, Deerhunter have never been as accessible as they are here. For the uninitiated, Microcastle is a great place to start with Deerhunter if you've never had the pleasure.

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