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"Heart On" by Eagles of Death Metal (2008)

"Heart On" by Eagles of Death Metal
The Grinches Heart On grew 2 sizes that day.


Eagles of Death Metal


Heart On

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Kyle England

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Mon Dec 8th, 2008



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For those of you looking for an ass shaking, boogie-woogie bad-ass, rollickin' and rollin' great time look no further, because Eagles of Death Metal have crafted one of the most barrels of fun records of the year. Those not in the know, Eagles of Death Metal sound nothing like The Eagles or any kind of Death Metal music. They are in fact Josh Homme from Queens of the Stone Age (who doesn't sing, he just enjoys the drumming here) and Jesse "The Devil" Hughes, who is quickly becoming the Jon Spencer of his generation with his yelps of "Yeah!" "Uh-huh!" and "Tight pants!" throughout the proceedings of E.O.D.M. records.

Heart On is the third release from these two men of delicious debauchery and it is also their most consistently rewarding. Opener "Anything ‘Cept The Truth" and closer "I'm Your Torpedo" just ooze glorious sleaze (in a very good way) out of every inch of your speakers and first single "Wannabe In L.A." utilizes awesome cowbell to perfection. Also, when Hughes utters those "Ooh-ooh's!" right before the chorus on "Secret Plans" it's damn near impossible not to get those hips moving. This album in the very definition of cool and if you want to get a party started, you could do a lot worse than Eagles of Death Metal's latest opus.

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