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"Back On Top" by Van Morrison (1999)

"Back On Top" by Van Morrison


Van Morrison


Back On Top

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Robert Shupe



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This album should definitely put Van Morrison Back On Top, being one of this year's smoothest, best produced, and most well written gems. If you are a seasoned Van Morrison fan, this album is a must. If you are not, this CD will probably leave you breathless. Morrison spirals together a refined atmosphere of blues and celtic sounds that conjure up the spirit of autumn with songs like "When the Leaves Come Falling Down" and "Golden Autumn Day." Surprisingly though, this CD is released in the spring. If you are ready to bundle up and start winter all over again, this would be a good album to prepare with. Regardless of the weather, however, Van is still the "man"--he's crafted an album capable of spanning another eqinox.

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